Primitive is a Minneapolis-based software company that develops innovative mapping products

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Primitive is a private software company established in 2015 and based in Minneapolis that develops innovative mapping applications. Primitive's Pushpin platform applies deep learning to aerial imagery to achieve automatic parcel change detection and impervious surface extraction.

Primitive's founder and president is Randy Milbert. Randy is an MIT graduate who previously served as founder and president at Primordial, which developed off-road route planning software for the military. In 2013, Randy sold Primordial to Polaris Industries (NYSE:PII).

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// Pushpin

Applying deep learning to aerial imagery to achieve automatic parcel change detection and impervious surface extraction

Pushpin provides next-generation property change detection leveraging a patent-pending, semi-automated workflow that consistently achieves human-level accuracy or better. Pushpin flags changed parcels, indicates one or more change type, and divides parcels into geographic sectors. Pushpin delivers all of this at 70% lower cost than the competition.

Pushpin also supports impervious surface extraction. For this, Pushpin leverages a patent-pending, semi-automated workflow that enables municipalities to rapidly catalog impervious surfaces for commercial and residential properties. Pushpin enables assessors to quickly and accurately calculate surface water management fees and storm water utility fees thereby increasing tax revenue.

// People

// Randy Milbert

Founder and President

Primitive's founder and president is Randy Milbert. Randy graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2000 and founded Primordial in 2002. At Primordial, Randy led the development of the company's Ground Guidance® off-road navigation software and Ooze® crowdsourcing geographic information system (GIS) platform. He secured more than $15 million in contracts from the United States Army, United States Air Force, Missile Defense Agency, Rockwell Collins, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Polaris Industries, and others. He received six issued and three pending patents. In 2012, the Army acquired a government-wide license for Ground Guidance. In 2013, Polaris Industries (NYSE:PII) acquired Primordial. In 2015, Randy left Polaris Industries to found Primitive.

// Andreas Robinson

Chief Technology Officer

Primitive's chief technology officer is Andreas Robinson. Prior to joining Primitive, he was an early hire and senior engineer at Primordial where he led multimillion dollar Army, Air Force, and DARPA projects including developing an aerial vehicle-based geospatial tracking system, an augmented reality platform for dismounted soldiers, a learning-based navigation system, and a machine learning application for extracting features from satellite imagery. Prior to Primordial, he developed neural networks for flush-air sensor systems at Goodrich Aerospace (now United Technologies). He has a masters degree in computer science from the University of Minnesota from 2004 and a physics and math degree from Reed College from 1999.

// Grady Hannah

Vice President Business Development

Primitive's vice president of business development is Grady Hannah. Grady is an 18-year technology sales and business development veteran, spending 15 years in senior roles in tech-forward Silicon Valley companies. These markets include manufacturing industries, real-time entertainment software, Linux and open source software, and alternative energy. Grady's experience in the assessor market comes from a sales role for ground-based image capture company Facet Technologies. Grady's role at Primitive is to sell and market Pushpin's image-based change detection and feature extraction capabilities to all relevant markets including county, city and state governments, emergency services, GIS, ISV partners, and discrete map creation applications.

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